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Hey! πŸ‘‹ I'm Luke Willis.

I'm the dApp UX guy. I build dApps that are easy and free to use.

Blockchain technology gets a bad rap. Scams and misunderstandings abound. Ultimately, blockchain is just infrastructure that belongs to everyone. You don't have to be technical or rich to benefit from it. Blockchain isn't just a money grab. It's about giving power to the people.

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Luke Willis

About Luke

I've been writing and podcasting about blockchain technology since 2021 because it helps me think deeply and learn faster. I build dApps on the Koinos blockchain because of the incredibly supportive community and accessibility to outsiders.

My background is as a traditional full stack web developer -- working with various languages, frameworks, and platforms. I've consulted for companies large and small in a variety of industries, led and coached teams of developers, and built some pretty interesting software along the way.

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If you need a quick answer to get your project unstuck, you can always reach out. If your company needs additional support, I occasionally offer my services. Send me details about your problem, and we'll discuss.

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