Hey! 👋 I'm Luke Willis.

I'm a dApp developer and crypto educator helping make blockchain easy to use and easy to understand

Blockchain offers a new way to monetize your apps and increase your company valuation. It can also increase efficiency and decrease costs. Unfortunately, any attempt to build NFTs or cryptocurrency into existing services is met with public outrage. I'm on a mission to bring web3 to the mainstream in the most accessible way possible. This isn't just a money grab. It's about giving power to the people.

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About Luke

I've been sharing my perspective on blockchain through writing and podcasting since 2021. I'm building dApps of my own and helping others do the same. If you want to build dApps that your existing customers can use and appreciate, you've come to the right place.

My background is as a traditional full stack web dev -- working in various languages, frameworks, and platforms. I've consulted for companies large and small in a variety of industries, led and coached teams of developers, and built some pretty interesting software along the way. If you're looking for consulting help, I typically work with the CEO and CTO directly to help set your web3 strategy, but I also speak developer and can help teach your teams blockchain fundamentals.

Blockchain accessibility is all about usability and communication. If you build anything following typical web3 best practices, you'll leave behind your existing customers. For blockchain to be accessible, you have to think differently about wallets and tokens. Once you've built a usable dApp, you have to be careful with your messaging. Ease your users into the experience for free and then tell the curious about the technology behind the curtain.

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If you have a question about blockchain, my inbox is always open. If you're building an app or website that you think could benefit from blockchain integration, let me know. For the right project, I will occasionally offer additional paid support.

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