web3 strategy call

Clear, actionable advice, guaranteed.

If you like the idea of blockchain, but aren't sure how it can work for your game studio, I will answer your questions and provide clarity on where to start.

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How does this work?

We'll schedule 60 minutes, but you may choose to block some additional time in case we go over a bit. The call will be over Google Meet. You tell me about your business and why you're interested in adding blockchain to your games. I will give you specific advice on what to do next.

This discussion is entirely based on your interests, questions, and concerns, but it's typical to talk about:

  • How to monetize a game with blockchain
  • How to build on blockchain so your existing players can keep playing
  • How to talk about blockchain without a PR disaster
  • How to get the most out of your blockchain integration

After the call, I will share the recording with you and be available over email for follow up questions for one week.

100% money back guarantee

I'm confident you'll walk away from this call with a clear understanding of how to use blockchain in your games. Once we're done, if you feel like it wasn't worth the money, let me know and I will refund your payment in full.

Still have questions?

If you're not sure about setting up a strategy call, you can email me at luke@thekoinpress.com. No hard sells. Just answers.

Let's talk

If you're ready to go down the rabbit hole and see what blockchain can do for your game studio, book a strategy call now:

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Limited capacity

I only do a few of these calls each month, so if you want answers soon, don't wait to book.

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